Grow faster with Google ads

Google Ads from pokeastore is automated advertising that
grows your business without the guesswork.

Be seen wherever your customers are.

Advertise on Search, Google Shopping, YouTube, Gmail, and the Google Display Network to drive traffic and sales.

Why advertise with Google?

Grow your sales: in 2021, pokeastore merchants saw 6x return on ad  spend

Expand your reach
across Google’s entire network

Automate inventory updates
to only advertise available products

Track performance
right from your pokeastore control panel

Google’s automated “Smart Shopping” ad campaigns help increase your sales and revenue by strategically displaying your products to interested shoppers across Google.

Create a campaign in seconds

Pick your budget and let googles “smart shopping” technology take care of the rest 

Advertise to the right shoppers at the right moment

Google will find the best times and locations  and show your products to the  shoppers most likely to make a purchase 

Maximise sales with out the guess work

Forget guessing,Google smart shopping learns with you ,automatically adjusting your campaigns for maximum conversions 

Want to learn more about free Google listings?

Were you looking for more information about free listings on Google’s Shopping tab and other Surfaces instead? No problem. Just click the link below to discover more.